Wir & Tschaikowski

Young musicians from 18 different countries grew together in one week to form a touching whole. A young film team captured this intense time.


They came together in Graz from 18 different countries around the world. All young, talented and ambitious to seize their chance. In just a single week, they grew together into a large, fascinating and touching whole, a body of sound. An orchestra that moved the audience to tears with its interpretation and choreography of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth. A young film team captured the intense time leading up to the concert, and the atmosphere that is created behind the scenes when musical newcomers from all over the world come together and realize one goal in the shortest possible time: to make people happy. Watch the professional film debut of Ally Schober & Johanna Gußmagg here.

The making-of story for the music film “Lust for Tchaikovsky”.


Styriarte Youth Orchestra
Conductor: Andrés Orozco-Estrada

Production: Adrian Schvarzstein
Assistance: Jūratė Širvytė

Jūratė Širvytė & Adrian Schvarzstein, actors:in

Recorded at the Styriarte Festival in July 2021.

A film by Ally Schober & Johanna Gußmagg.

A production from Styriarte.

powered by Raiffeisen Landesbank Steiermark and all Styrian Raiffeisen Banks.

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