Future projects

Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda

The Ensemble Contratemps recreates the mythical premiere of Monteverdi’s work by combining musical and vocal virtuosity with circus elements and good doses of humor.

At the beginning of the 17th century, a genre was born in Italy that would revolutionize the history of music: opera, with the idea of being able to express all the passion of poetry, turning it away from the artifice of the Renaissance. This new genre of musical theatre, championed by composers such as Monteverdi, Caccini and Peri, triumphed in all courts, first in northern Italy and then throughout Europe.

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…And if we had to leave our homes, or return to our old house, already destroyed by time and oblivion…and if our life is the search for that nest where to build something new… Shtetl wants to be the answer, or the question, in short, surely this street theater project will captivate us all again.

Mortem ( or "The quintet of death")

WHAT happens to us when we cease to exist, when the human being, who for a lifetime has struggled to create his space in this world, comes the time to leave, to abandon everything to embark on a new journey towards something unknown.
This show wants to reflect on Death, from many and varied perspectives, including a happy and relaxed approach.

The Cocodrile bar

ĀRT HOUSE 17 is an ensemble led by Michael Hell. In addition to using historical instruments, the ensemble believes it is important to do justice to the broader context in which the music was originally performed. The central question here is: what does this music still have to say today? In recent years, ĀRT HOUSE 17 has been responsible for the successful music theater performances Il Ciarlatano and Kaffeekantate in Utrecht. The ensemble also created the Utrecht Passion during the Utrecht Early Music Festival 2022.